Mitarbeiter bei der Projektplanung




Supreme craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing technology from a single source. Highly qualified craftspeople realise complete interiors together with our process engineering and design departments. It goes without saying that the installation of control, light and cooling technologies are also part of our service package.

From individual technologies for special requirements to unique decorative pieces: our engineers and designers always create something new. The result: shop fitting that creates true value.



Design for your future? Our experienced and creative designers know exactly which trends and developments are relevant to you. However, what BERNER plans does not only look good. It also meets the most exacting quality standards.

Our designers love a high-class appearance and functionality while they also swear by durability and a long service life. Structural elements, floors, furnishings and lighting – everything must be perfectly coordinated.



Our specialty? Emotional shopping worlds that surprise and convince customers! We ensure that your story is reflected in your project and ready for your customers to experience. With unique design and a great atmosphere, we create special experiences, teaming up with you to develop ideas that stimulate purchases.



We understand your business and are always by your side. Together, we create your shop and brand concept – innovative, sustainable and with a focus on customer benefit.

We create worlds of experience in which the entire concept, shop design, visual merchandising and artwork speak the same language. Let us help you tell your story!